Beyond Borders Sri Lanka joins the 16 Day Campaign

Beyond Borders is a voluntary, youth-led, youth-run initiative active in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and (formerly) in Pakistan & the UK.

Based on the working themes of Identity, Diversity and Active Global Citizenship, Beyond Borders provides a space for young people to actively express themselves and take action on development issues affecting them. Currently the group is working on issues related to peace, governance, citizenship and sustainable development.

They have joined our 16 Day Campaign with an interesting project; a photo a day about gender-based violence during the 16 days.

In their words,

Did you know that there aren’t many pictures available on the internet in regard to gender based violence? It’s true. We combed Google Images and came across only a few.

So, Beyond Borders decided to make a compilation of photographs on gender based violence. These pictures will be freely available on the internet for download and use in any campaign/project on violence against women.

Do visit their blog at and check out this innovative campaign as well as other work they do. We will post a montage of the entire collection at the end of the 16 days.

You can follow them on facebook at and they tweet at

Day 2 featured a photograph by Megara Tegal. This picture is about the universality of gender based violence (GBV). It’s not restricted to a particular demographic. GBV is stifling women in all societies- whether it’s verbal or physical abuse.

Megara Tegal is a member of the steering committee of Beyond Borders. She’s a journalist, a student and a tree-hugging hippy. She blogs here- The Puppeteer. Her opinions are her own.


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