Guest Post : Skin and bones

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If I say ‘Violence’
You expect big revelations
Bloody bruises
And black eyes
A chipped tooth
A dislocated jaw
or tell-tale scars
You want the evidence
of a crime scene
blood on the dancefloor
smears on the bedroom sheets
Broken plates on the kitchenfloor
But she has none of that to display
Only a corpse buried inside
A momentary plea in her eyes
Now you see it, now you don’t
He never touched her skin and bones.

Akram Zaatari, 1966 at the Tate Modern (London)

I tend to be skeptical about activism sometimes. But I think one of the important things about projects like the currently ongoing 16 Days campaign against gender based violence is that it makes it ok to talk about difficult things, takes the taboo away, if not for always, at least for a few weeks, maybe months. I was especially moved by this bold and honest post and I can only imagine the effect it will have on a lot of people. When you’re going through something, sometimes it means the world to know that you are not the only one. And that is what makes such campaigns, and moreoever posts like the above so important.

Violence, however comes in many forms. Whether it is in the hands of an abusive partner or through the dictates of media, we are violated every day and sometimes in the most subtlest ways. I wanted to draw attention to that. Violence (particularly against women) is sometimes un-physical, passive, and the signs aren’t skin deep.


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