Guest Post : Personal battles against domestic violence

By Aiswarya Jay

A façade is maintained
Every moment, of every day
With a nod, a wave,
Some L’Oreal foundation
To hide bruised wrists.
Because you’re worth it!
No. The truth is cold-
You’re not worth much.

The day passes quickly
The routine is comforting
And you savor it- you relish it.
But the day soon passes
And it is time to go home.


Blues, purples, yellows and reds
They’re beautiful colors, but are
Not meant to be on your arms and neck.
His words are coarse
As you slide down the wall
With what’s left of your dignity
And your throat is hoarse
And there is no escape
From your choice
From your past
From your future-

Yet, there is!

The wide window is open,
And mesmerizing.
The thought brings a bemused
Smile to your face.
The action is unfamiliar.
Your cracked lips start to
Hurt, hurt so much
But the pain is good, for once.

A harsh strike on your left cheek.
“Stop smiling!”
Stop smiling
Stop dancing
Stop working
Stop living

And as if in a trance
You get up.
Your legs are shaky, but your will
Is still strong.
You get up, and you wake up,

And you sob,

“Never again.”


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