Guest Post : Sacrificial Other

By Thushara Dassanayake – Karunadhara


Father, have you ever felt mute?

Like the mute man whose dreams go unvoiced.

Like the daughter whose tears leave no trace on your ground.

Like the wife whose anguished pleas makes no sound.


Husband, have you ever felt afraid?

Of the one who holds your beating heart.

Because he has appointment to make it.

And yet he so casually breaks it.


Brother, have you ever felt betrayed?

Watching from the vacuous sidelines.

Heard child, Golden child, Boy child.  Solid and uncut.

He for whom doors are open, she for who doors stay shut.


Son have you ever been called to sacrifice?

A vision, a voice, a dream.

For the celebrated role of mother.

The place of Sacrificial other.


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