DAY SIX: Guest Post by T – Who are these men?

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The liars, the cheaters, the schemers.

The harassers, the rapists, the murderers.

The alcoholics, the drug addicts, the wife beaters, the child abusers.

The ones who put chilli powder in their wife’s vagina.

The ones who play with their penis in front of their daughter.

The ones who rape their stepdaughters while their wives earn a living abroad.

The ones who put their penis into a 6 month old baby’s mouth.

The ones who gang rape young girls, then chop their bodies up and scatter the pieces in fields and drains.

The ones who sexually abuse their sister in law, before throwing acid on her and killing her.

The ones who ejaculate on women in buses.

The ones who claw their wife’s eyes out for suspecting her of an affair.

The politicians who gang rape girls.

The clergy who molest small children.

The army men who rape young girls in front of their families.

The husbands who beat their wives senseless.

The men who abuse women every day, by thought, word and deed.


All true stories I’ve heard today.

Who are these men?

They are you.


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