Guest Post by Umanga Settinayake – The Life of Silent Endurance

The Life of Silent Endurance

Born under a dark cloud of fear
Vulnerable from the day it’s visible
Protecting and safeguarding becomes key
Clothed in rose, pierced ears, signaled out
Let it begin…

Preyed on by a whirlwind of eyes
Some familiar some not so much
A time when mornings were a nightmare
Fingerprints left behind on the skin
Scars which will never heal
My emotional baggage.

More awkward moments
The sign that she is ready
Huddled back into a room for seven days
For what?
Makes her hate herself…
These celebrations of confusion and embarrassment.

Endurance is key
Silence is mandatory
Silently being preyed upon
Day in and day out
Words which grab, strip and scar
Hands which tumble all over, express their dominance.

All I’ve known is this life
This life of silent endurance.



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